Support CLC Endorsement of UNITE HERE! Boycott

CLC Boycott

UNITE HERE! has requested the CLC to endorse their boycott campaign targeted at 3 hotels in Vancouver. As per the boycott policy of the Congress, the Executive Committee has reviewed and approved the request. The CLC will endorse this boycott and I ask that all affiliates also support the members of UNITE HERE!

As outlined in the letter making the request, the members of UNITE HERE! Local 40 in Richmond, BC, began strike action at the Sheraton Vancouver Hotel. The key issues are the guaranteeing of the daily room cleaning work; protecting tips for servers, bartenders, baristas, and bell staff; and securing a real wage increase.

The boycott is for 3 hotels:

– Sheraton Vancouver Airport
– Hilton Vancouver Airport
– Marriott Vancouver Airport

The hotels are in the same building complex and owned by the same ownership group. UNITE HERE! believes the employer will try to move customers, including unionized flight crews, from the Sheraton to the other two hotels next door, which are non-unionized. UNITE HERE! has expressed that they have spoken to the unions that may be impacted by this request. The BC Federation has also expressed support for the boycott. Should you have any questions with respect to this, please contact my Political Assistant, Tim Deelstra, at, who will be able to assist you.

In solidarity,

Bea Bruske

Link to official letter here.

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