Women’s Committee

Our Women’s Committee is very active in the community, donating time and money to local organizations.

IAM Women

Currently they are supporting:

For more information please contact the committee Chair Tracey Fisk at tfisk@nsgeu.ca

Committee members: Cynthia Black, Kelly Ritcey, Tammy Young, Juliana Mullen, Sarah Covey, Teela Beals, Cindy Merritt, Kim Garland, and Janet Baker (Executive Liaison)

November 2022 Halifax Shoebox Project: This year the Women’s Committee was able to prepare 15 boxes thanks to the generous donations of our local members and GVP Dave Chartrand! L-R Cindy Merritt, Sarah Covey, Tracey Fisk, Kelly Ritcey.

May 2022 Ronald McDonald House Charities Atlantic: Cynthia Black and Chair Tracey Fisk presented the local’s donation on May 16th.

Cynthia Black & Tracey Fisk at RMHC
Cynthia Black (left) and Tracey Fisk (right) present LL2797’s donation on May 16, 2022.

December 2021 Shoeboxes for Shelters: Sarah Covey, Tammy Young, Kelly Ritcey, Juliana Mullen, and Tracey Fisk

October 2021 Ronald McDonald House: Tammy Young, Cynthia Black, Kelly Ritcey, and Juliana Mullen

March 2020 NSFL International Women’s Day Breakfast: Zita Hildebrandt, Kim Jenkins, Rhonda Duhme, Tessa Williams, Tammy Young, Tracey Fiske, and Nicole McKim

December 2019 Shoeboxes for Shelters: Kelly Ritcey, Tracey Fisk, Gina Boyd, Deedee Slye

October 2019 Feed Nova Scotia: Kelly Ritcey, Juliana Mullen, Tammy Young, Tracey Fisk, Nicole McKim, and Janet Baker

June 2019: Feed Nova Scotia: Kim Clarke, Sarah Covey, Janet Baker, Zita Hildebrandt

December 2018 Shoeboxes for Shelters: Juliana Mullen, Sarah Covey, Lori Smith, Lisa Bouchard, and Zita Hildebrandt

November 2018 Feed Nova Scotia: Kelly Ritcey, Juliana Mullen, Rhonda Duhme, Sarah Covey, Zita Hildebrandt, and Janet Baker

August 2018 Feed Nova Scotia: Zita Hildebrandt, Kathy Mason, Sarah Covey, Juliana Mullen, and Janet Baker