IAM Support PSAC Workers on Strike

Natalie Hillier
Natalie Hillier, IAM LL2797 supports striking PSAC workers

To All Our PSAC Striking Union Siblings,

The “Fighting Machinists” of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) stand in solidarity, and strong support as you fight for your rights and livelihoods. The decision to strike is never taken lightly, but when pushed to the brink, it is a last resort, and know that the IAMAW stands alongside you offering our support in any way that helps.

The IAMAW represents thousands of workers across North America in multiple sectors, and over the last two years, several of our own locals were on out on picket lines as you are. We know firsthand the hardships and bitter struggles to fight for what workers deserve. We know all of the strategies employers use to push unions to the brink during a strike. It is unacceptable that the federal government has allowed its employees, those who ensure public services and goods are available to us, to work without a contract for two years. Two years, that have for the most part, been the most trying period our country has seen.

It is shameful that employers, those in the public and private sector, expect workers to ride out the inflation crisis, or worse yet, pay for the inflation crisis, which isn’t ours to solve. While profits and revenues rose for many employers, workers have continuously fallen behind for decades. While we’re told to ride out the inflation crisis, our employers are reaping profits as a result of the work we do. Rather than doing the right thing, they use every excuse possible and strategy available to agitate workers. Asking for a fair deal and fair compensation is not unreasonable, ignoring needs of workers who provide us with some of the country’s most critical services is. Workers can’t and shouldn’t wait, and we add our voice to yours in carrying that message.

This is why your fight matters; because it’s a scenario that plays out too often, and because the government must be held accountable to set a fair bar for all workers. Your fight is our fight, and you have our support getting a fair deal. United and in solidarity we will show them the labour movement is strong and will not back down.

We have your back, in both support and voice.

In solidarity,

David Chartrand
General Vice-President
IAMAW Canada

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