Women’s Committee

Our Women’s Committee is very active in the community, donating time and money to local organizations such as Feed Nova Scotia, Ronald McDonald House Charities Atlantic, Shoeboxes for Shelters (now known as The Halifax Shoebox Project), and various local Women’s Shelters.

Women’s Leadership Resource Guide provides useful links for women in the labour movement.

For more information please contact the committee Chair Tracey Fisk at tfisk@nsgeu.ca

December 2021 Shoeboxes for Shelters: Sarah Covey, Tammy Young, Kelly Ritcey, Juliana Mullen, and Tracey Fisk

October 2021 Ronald McDonald House: Tammy Young, Cynthia Black, Kelly Ritcey, and Juliana Mullen

March 2020 NSFL International Women’s Day Breakfast: Zita Hildebrandt, Kim Jenkins, Rhonda Duhme, Tessa Williams, Tammy Young, Tracey Fiske, and Nicole McKim

December 2019 Shoeboxes for Shelters: Kelly Ritcey, Tracey Fisk, Gina Boyd, Deedee Slye

October 2019 Feed Nova Scotia: Kelly Ritcey, Juliana Mullen, Tammy Young, Tracey Fisk, Nicole McKim, and Janet Baker

June 2019: Feed Nova Scotia: Kim Clarke, Sarah Covey, Janet Baker, Zita Hildebrandt

December 2018 Shoeboxes for Shelters: Juliana Mullen, Sarah Covey, Lori Smith, Lisa Bouchard, and Zita Hildebrandt

November 2018 Feed Nova Scotia: Kelly Ritcey, Juliana Mullen, Rhonda Duhme, Sarah Covey, Zita Hildebrandt, and Janet Baker

August 2018 Feed Nova Scotia: Zita Hildebrandt, Kathy Mason, Sarah Covey, Juliana Mullen, and Janet Baker