Women’s Committee

On August 23, 2018, members of IAMAW Local 2797’s Women’s Committee were at Feed NS volunteering during their lunch hour. “It’s our 1st event and we are so happy to be able to support an organization like Feed NS that provides such a vital service to 41,000 Nova Scotians each year. Thank you to all our Lodge members who have contributed their time, money, and/or food today and we look forward to holding more volunteering events like this in the future,” says Sarah Covey, Chair of the Committee. The Lodge donated 7kg of food and $266.50.

Sarah Covey presents the donation to Feed NS.
L-R: Zita Hildebrandt, FeedNS Rep, Kathy Mason, Sarah Covey, Juliana Mullen, Janet Baker

Sarah Covey and Janet Baker repacking produce

Job well done! The committee repacked two large bins of turnips and one of carrots into the boxes you see on the pallets.
L-R: Deedee Slye, Kathy Mason, Juliana Mullen, Janet Baker