Heartfelt thanks, Mike!

The local said a great big “Thank you!” to Mike Aube last evening. After seven years as president, Mike handed over the reins to Sylvain Bainbridge, who was elected president at the November lodge meeting. Thankfully Mike will still be around to lend a hand when needed and to fill other roles within the local.

Thanks for your service, Mike!

L-R: Mike Aube, Paul Gaudet, Sylvain Bainbridge

Protecting Workers’ Pensions

Machinists from the Maritime region attended the Forum on How to End Pension Theft on October 4. New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Scott Duvall discussed the private members bill he is introducing in parliament to fix bankruptcy laws to stop large corporations from putting shareholders, banks, and creditors ahead of their employees when they file for bankruptcy protection.

L-R: Paul Benoit, Gwen, Kenny, Scott Duvall, Paul Gaudet, Chris Snelgrove, and Rick Arsenault.


Meet your new Maritime Council of Machinists Executive Officers!

The Maritime Council of Machinists met for their biennial conference on September 22 and 23 at the Delta Halifax. Stan Pickthall, IAMAW General Vice-President Canadian Territory attended the conference and swore in the newly elected executive officers.

Vice-President N.S
Vice-President N.B.
Trustee N.S.
Trustee N.S.
Trustee N.B.
Auditor N.S.
Recording Secretary
Grand Lodge Representative
Paul Gaudet
Donna Boudreau
Andrew MacFarlane
Richard McGuire
Sylvain Bainbridge
Chris Snelgrove
Chris Arseneau
Rhonda Duhme
Zita Hildebrandt
Rick Arsenault

Back Row (L-R) Zita Hildebrandt, Paul Gaudet, Richard McGuire, Andrew MacFarlane
Front Row (L-R) Chris Arseneau, Sylvain Bainbridge, Chris Snelgrove, Rhonda Duhme, Donna Boudreau
Stan Pickthall officiating (Photo credit: Carlos DaCosta)