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Today more than ever as working men and women in Canada look around their workplace and their community, they realize there is a need for an organization that can provide the best possible protection in an ever-changing work environment.

That organization is the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. The IAM has been representing members across North America since 1888 and in Canada since 1890.

We’re a union of more than 40,000 working men and women in Canada. The IAM represents more than 700,000 active and retired members throughout North America. Discover our success in negotiating the best in wages, pensions, job security, and health and safety protection on the job, employment equity and fringe benefits. We have a record on grievance representation that is second to none. We have more than 6,000 Collective Agreements with thousands of employers across North America.

We’re a democratic union with strong traditions of local autonomy where the membership runs the union.

We can say with pride that today, IAM contracts are among the best in Canada. Our members are among the top wage earners. We set as our target, fair settlements that take into account the productivity of our members and the profitability of our employers, while protecting against inflation. IAM agreements contain job security provisions, protecting our members from layoffs, through contract clauses regulating technological change and automation. Promotions, under an IAM contract, are based on seniority, not on being friends with the manager or the foreman.

Whether you’re a patient transfer medical attendant in Ontario, a process operator at a rocket propellant plant near Winnipeg, a Volunteer Firefighter or a mechanic maintaining printing presses at Canada’s largest newspaper, the IAM is there for its members.

We provide protection against unfair firing or discipline. Employers must prove their case against a member through a grievance procedure. The IAM has experts to handle those grievances and we’re proud to say we win most of them.

Security in retirement is crucial to all working Canadians. That’s why IAM contracts reflect pensions as a priority. The IAM negotiates a pension plan to meet the needs of the local membership, often with indexing for inflation. And should the employer attempt to change or diminish the pension plan of the members, the IAM quickly takes action to stop it.

Also available are specially-designed pension plans just for IAM members. They are the IAM Labour-Management Pension Plan (Canada) and the IAM Multi-Employer Pension Plan (Canada). They are available to IAM members in small to medium sized operations.

IAM contracts also provide for good vacations, education leave, drug plans, eye care plans, holidays, jury duty, paid bereavement leave and sickness and life insurance. Today we also negotiate important new worker protections like pay equity, refusal of unsafe work and prepaid legal aid.

It’s all there in an IAM agreement!

So, who are we, anyway?
We are the largest airline union in Canada, representing more than 15,500 workers in virtually every aspect of the air transport industry. We’re proud to say, “If it flies in Canada, the IAM helps make it happen.”

We’re also Canada’s largest aerospace union representing workers who build commercial passenger and business jets, landing gear, and helicopter engines. IAM members build and maintain weight scales, printing presses, conveyer systems, passenger and vehicle elevators, office furniture and electric motors. We manufacture rocket fuel, industrial dishwashers, kitchen cabinets, ocean-going tugs, automotive parts, buses, hockey sticks, and cosmetics. We work in sensitive industries like Atomic Energy of Canada and maintain critical printing equipment at Canadian Bank Note. We work in auto and truck sales and service, provide non-critical ambulatory care, medical courier services, hospitality guest services and we’ll even put out your fires.

Get the pros working for you!
Quality trade union representation is the right of every working person in Canada. You deserve the best at the bargaining table, on the shop or office floor, in the legislative arena, in the campaign for safer and healthier work environments – you have the right to expect people with expertise to assist you.

The IAM has full-time representatives on staff throughout Canada with their number one task – service to the membership. Most of our staff representatives come from the rank and file and have an intimate knowledge of what day-to-day life is like in the workplace. They’re professionally trained to do their job and protect your interests – you, the membership, elect most of them.

The IAM research staffs include economists, statisticians, contract analysts and librarians in the U.S. and Canada. They assist in wage negotiations; prepare special studies on member problems such as job evaluation and foreign competition. They also advise on pension plans, insurance, health and welfare and dental and eye care programs.

The IAM has long recognized that the key to a strong union is a well-educated membership. We have local and national Educators as well as an international training centre to educate our members. We employ adult education specialists at our William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Centre to meet the complete range of educational needs and requirements of our members. The Centre provides instruction in such courses as collective bargaining, grievance and arbitration handling, health and safety, technological change, human rights, pension and welfare plans and effective communications.

To operate effectively, union members must be well informed and the IAM places an emphasis on communication. Many of our Local Lodges publish monthly newsletters and maintain their own Internet web sites to communicate with their members. In addition to the IAM Journal, our electronic national information publication available to all members, the Canadian national web site is continually updated to keep members informed about the latest IAM news, labour news and reports and analysis on important economic and legislative developments. We’ll also come right to your local to provide training in communications.

We offer more than a century of history and experience, first class trade union representation in the workplace, a group of talented professionals with expertise in economics, legislation, education and communications. They work with you to create the best collective agreements in Canada. We offer equitable dues structures based on your basic wage rate. That way everyone pays his or her fair share, no more no less.

It all adds up to worker power.
We have offices throughout Canada including Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Sectors Represented by the IAM

  • Air Transport
  • Aerospace
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Equipment Maintenance
  • Auto Sales, Service and Repair
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing
  • Ambulatory Patient Transfer Services
  • Compressor and Industrial Pumps Manufacturing
  • Credit Union Banking
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Sales and Service
  • Motor Coach Manufacturing
  • Fire Hydrant Manufacturing
  • Firefighting
  • Pre-Fabricated Homes
  • Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Industrial Dishwasher Manufacturing
  • Window and Door Manufacturing
  • Tarpaulin Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Weight Scale Repairs
  • Industrial Elevator Installations
  • Mine Drilling Equipment Manufacturing
  • Mining Exploration Equipment Manufacturing
  • Mining and Smelting
  • Railroad Maintenance
  • Retirement Homes
  • Gear Sprocket Manufacturing
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • DND Aircraft Maintenance
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Shipbuilding
  • Hockey Stick Manufacturing
  • Medical Samples Courier Services
  • Sports Apparel Manufacturing
  • Tobacco Research and Information